Hostrups Hotel

Hostrup’s Hotel Tønder has a long and traditional history. In its current form, the hotel consists of a nice, newly renovated hotel, with large function rooms, its own restaurant, bar with lounge and, of course, a garden room.

The building itself has a classic late 19th to early 20th century style about it. This is connected with the fact that the hotel was built in 1890, and rebuilt to its current form in 1906. 100 years later, and a good leap forward in time, Hostrup’s Hotel & Restaurant was undergone a thorough renovation in 2018. The renovation helps to ensure that the historic building retains its charm, while at the same time that the facilities are modernized to meet the wishes of the guests, for a surrounding appealing to the 21st century


Before and after the renovation in 2018



Current tenant

Jesper and Nico, has reached an agreement, to which the partnership ends and Nico takes over the Hotel.

A change in lessee

The partners Jesper and Nico takes over as tenants of Hostrups Hotel

New tenants

Marcel Rodrigues and Steffen Snitgaard, becomes tenants of Hostrups Hotel.

New owners

Kirsten and Lars Svensen took over Hostrup's Hotel in the summer of 2018. A thorough renovation was undertaken inside and out with respect for the hotel's soul and history.

Inga and Poul Peter Nielsen

Later the children Per and Lotte Hyllested Schlüter and Laila Konstmann

The roof construction blows off, Slate roof
Jens Peter and Hanne Jensen buys Hostrups Hotel
The hotel changes name to Hostrups Hotel
The hotel is again called "Landschafliges Haus", Christian Hostrup (widow Heike)
The hotel is being built in its current form, Familien Selmer
The hotel changes name to ”Petersens Hotel”
Conversion from farm to current appearance
Landschaftliches Haus

Meet the team behind it

Meet the team behind it

Owners: Kirsten and Lars Svensen took over Hostrup’s Hotel in Tønder in the summer of 2018. A thorough renovation was undertaken inside and out with respect for the hotel’s soul and history.

We want to create a cozy and modern city hotel with atmosphere, quality and charm in the heart of Tønder. The hotel has its own soul, and we have renovated it with respect for the original expression to preserve the cozy atmosphere. It is our wish that Hostrups Hotel should create the framework for accommodation, food experiences and parties. Hostrups Hotel is ready to welcome travelers and Tønder's citizens in July 2019