the natural phenomenon black sun

Black sun can be seen in several places in the country, but the largest flocks can be found in Tøndermarsken.
Sometimes they hold up to 1 million birds.

Black sun can be experienced not too far from the hotel, from Marts 3 to April 3 and again from September 1. There are guided tours on wednesdays and saturdays.

We arrange guided BLACK SUN tours departing from Hostrup’s hotel. First, an exciting story. You then follow the guide in your own car or with in a bus or together in a bus.

Combine e.g. a stay, one or more days, or book a weekend stay, as it’s a different experience you can get every night.

We also have offers for groups, e.g. in connection with bus trips, company trips, association excursions, etc.

Watch videos about the phenomenon and the Wadden Sea National Park and experience the atmosphere before arrival:


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